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Effortlessly offer individual life and disability insurance to employees and consumers, entirely online.


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Life insurance the way it
should be: Easy.

Bring important financial protection with individual life and disability insurance from top-rated carriers. Policies delivered in
under 10 minutes. The process is 100% online and requires no RFP process, no payroll deductions, and no administration.

Intelligent field underwriting

Gone are the days of tedious house calls to determine which products are best for your clients. Pendella’s recommendation engine can accurately place users with products they’re most likely to be approved for and best fit their needs.

Groundbreaking products
from trusted carriers

The traditional term life product is no longer the only option for those looking for long-term protection. We offer products that can pay out monthly, increase in coverage without additional underwriting, and provide a financial lifeline to families, closing the gap group life policies leave behind.

Marketing made
(super) easy

Our agile marketing team works with you to
develop tailor-made marketing assets to promote
individual life and disability insurance and activate
your audience.

Who is this for?

Our turnkey platform is live in less than a week and seamlessly integrated into your existing benefits
strategy, uniquely designed to help your business grow.


Fully white-labeled to your brand,
complementing your other benefits.

Enrollment Firms

Effortless for you, your brokers, and


No administrative costs, just a powerful new
benefit for your employees.


Easy new revenue with no upkeep
required, 365 days/year.

Convenient benefits at their fingertips

Powered by AI and big data, our fully digital engine serves policy options to employees based on their unique insurance needs. Consumers get coverage in less than 10 minutes in just 3 easy steps, delivering a seamless experience from start to finish:

Step 1

Answer a few questions
about yourself.

Step 2

Receive a personalized
coverage recommendation.

Step 3

Get approved and secure
your policy same-day.

Easy new revenue for brokers. Powerful new benefits for employers.
Instant protection for employees.

White-labeled to your brand
Advanced reporting and tracking
Lead nurturing included
Marketing materials provided
No heavy lifting
No administrative costs
No payroll deductions
No case management

See how easy it is to bring employees the important
financial protection they deserve