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Innovating the purchasing experience

We help you compete in the new economy

Every interaction is an opportunity. We have one simple goal, an awesome customer experience — Easy to use and easy to understand.

Lightning fast application process!


The new end-to-end consumer experience for life insurance.

Instant Decision



Offer your customers, members, or employees instant issue life insurance.

Our Instant Decision Application offers term and whole life insurance, mortgage protection life insurance, and salary protection life insurance.

Quote & Apply

POS Underwriting

Accelerated Underwriting

Not everyone will qualify for instant decision underwriting.

Our Agent-Assist Quote & Apply application allows your customers to view term life and final expenses quote that are placed by the agent using accelerated or point-of-sale underwriting.


Underwriting Experience

Product Type

Our Field Underwriting Engine recommends and steers your customers to the appropriate product and underwriting experience based on demographics, needs, health status and more. Additionally, you can control these fields and outputs.

API First

Speed to Market

Reduced Risk

Our API First Applications are based on the premise your customers purchase via applications, often from different types of screens including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktops. Also, this creates ease of white labeling.

Future proof

Speed to Market


Reduced Costs

Fast Implementation

In the 2020’s, we live in the cloud. Virtual companies have little downtime and they’re ready to innovate.

This allows you to quickly rollout functionality without needing to purchase, install maintain and upgrade on-premise software.

Your Brand

White Label

Match your User Experience

Keep it simple, and on-brand. Pendella offers what you need to offer value to your customers without a 3rd party look.

Every touch point can be branded to your company and experience. At an enterprise level, we can build the experience inside your systems and servers.


Real-Time Access

Your Data Anytime

The new age requires seamless connections between technology platforms.

Our skilled team is tied into emerging tech platforms across the market.

Our proprietary technology integrates with Salesforce creating limitless ability to integrate with your systems.

Productivity Boost

Minimal Effort

Increase Revenue

Our platform informs your company about who is shopping, their needs, their demographics.

This allows us to automate human interaction based on your preferences.

Hence, more than a consumer journey, it is a lead generation tool.

Why Pendella

Imagine the possibilities

With Pendella, your customer can purchase life insurance in under 5 minutes. Quote, apply, decision, payment, and delivery.

Imagine the possibilities.

New revenue with no labor equals increased margins.

Integrate into your systems.

Link to a branded microsite.

Our Customers

How Can We Help You?


New Revenue

Increased Margins


We can integrate into your enrollment experience. This allows employees to purchase individual life insurance policies.

Payment options include payroll deduction, ACH, or credit card.

Products include term life insurance, whole life insurance, and mortgage protection life insurance.

Financial Institutions

Increase Wallet Share

Increase Income

Improve Customer Experience

Our direct-to-consumer applications provides a turnkey solution.

Your brand integrated into your systems.

Your customers can purchase life insurance online; a true end-to-end experience.

Be first to market, and stay in front of your competition.


Be First to Market

Lead Generation

New Revenue

Our consumer-facing application allows you to drive leads to our recommendation engine.

Go Live in 30 days!

Lower premium sales opportunities will be steered to instant issue. Higher value sales opportunities can be connected with your agents for full optimization.

Tech Providers

Online Enrollment

Instant Underwriting


Our applications can integrate into your platform and provide an awesome new customer experience.

This new revenue opportunity allows you to increase your LTV with minimal effort.

Be first to bring this exciting new offering to your clients. Payment options include payroll, ACH, and credit card.


We’ve got you covered

Our experienced team has a strong understanding of what customers want, and how they currently get it.

This foundation allowed us to modernize the experience of buying life insurance. Our technology provides you a turnkey process to bring the future of life insurance to your customers.


Lead & Sales Data

Policy Data

Our state-of-the-art reporting integrations are a staple of our offerings.

We strive to offer a visual story of how your customers interact with the product.

Integration Services


Trained Agents

We can provide agents for the Quote & Apply Application. These agents will manage leads, opportunities, and sales of products that require point-of-sale underwriting or accelerated underwriting.

Our national agency is licensed and appointed in all 50 states, and trained in our product portfolio.

Case Management


Underwriting & Delivery

We can provide trained and experienced case managers to process your sales through underwriting and delivery.

These services are needed when a customer does not qualify for instant decision underwriting based on demographics, needs, and/or health status.

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