Our Mission

Closing the financial
protection gap

Pendella is a fast-growing insurtech startup bringing decades of insurance expertise, innovation, and intelligent business design to fulfill one purpose:

To bring the financial protection of individual life and disability insurance to all people — regardless of age, health status, or income level — 100% online.

Our Story

Breaking down barriers

In the 1990s, major carriers stopped offering life policies. Underwriting required strict medical exams and time-consuming paperwork, deterring companies from offering the important financial protection consumers needed.

With the advancements in technology over the past 10 years, Bob Gaydos saw an opportunity to make life insurance accessible and affordable using a fully digital platform and big data to beat the challenges the industry once faced.

He founded Pendella to bring innovation back to life insurance — and to bring individual life insurance back to the people.

He shared his business model with insurance brokers, PEOs, enrollment firms, and employers to bridge the gap current life products leave behind and make it effortless for companies to offer their people the financial protection they deserve.

Our Product

The future of life insurance is here

Our white-labeled, enterprise SaaS solution empowers our partners to easily compete in the new benefits landscape and extend even greater value to their customers, creating a seamless and delightful experience.

Thanks to our platform, consumers can easily understand their insurance options and secure the single-most important financial protection for their families.

Our team of industry experts deliver a truly turnkey solution: your platform is live in just days, making it effortless for you to onboard a powerful new employee benefit, start earning more revenue, and ultimately, increase your bottom line.

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Our People

Our growing team of insurance experts and product specialists
is dedicated to helping companies like yours grow.

Bob Gaydos avatar

Bob Gaydos

Founder & CEO

Jeff Parry avatar

Jeff Parry

Chief of Staff

Becky Hale avatar

Becky Hale

SVP, Operations

Chandra Kanive avatar

Chandra Kanive

SVP, Engineering

Deb Loughlin avatar

Deb Loughlin

VP, Partnerships

Dan Gaydos avatar

Dan Gaydos

VP, Customer Success

Alex Anderson avatar

Alex Anderson

Head of Product

Adam Kay avatar

Adam Kay

Head of UX

Let’s join forces to take the bias out of insurance

Together, we can bring important financial protection to all people
and give the gift of financial security to future generations.